Ray Mirra Jr is a renowned entrepreneur in Philadelphia and its neighbouring regions. Other than that, he is praised for his boundless charities and donations that have helped many financially. No matter how successful he grew in the past years, donating to charity organizations is something he never stopped. Naturally, this sets him apart from other entrepreneurs in Philadelphia who only focus on earning out of their businesses. Earning is a part of the business but providing financial support and social services to those in need is not something everyone does. In this aspect, Ray was not like other business tycoons – he was a HUMANIST.

Ray Mirra And His Hidden Personality

Lots of charity organizations in different locations of the USA and especially in Philadelphia always witnessed the benevolent and courageous nature of Ray Mirra. The thing that conveyed him being more than just a successful entrepreneur was his hidden personality.

On noticing, one would come to know that there were two personalities in Ray, making him no less than a legend. One of the personalities was of course of an entrepreneur who always wanted to rule the business world with new and successful establishments.

The second personality in Ray Mirra Hillsboro was a soft-hearted person who always went out of the way to give charity and donations to those who needed financial support. So yes, besides just having the skill of establishing businesses in various growing and profitable industries, he was enthusiastic about social activities.

Ray Mirra in Philadelphia

Charity Projects Of Ray Mirra

Starting back in the year 2011, the Bethesda Project has received unlimited donations and charity from Ray Mirra Jr. One example of it is his HUGE donation at the Annual Gala of the project – proving the benevolent nature of Ray.

St Norbert’s School, Foundation for Primary Immunodeficiency, Children’s Cancer and Blood Foundation, and Ligouri Academy are also organizations that have received Ray Mirra’s endless charities. Some of these organizations are his own establishments that are helping people for years by providing them social services; monetarily, and health-wise.

Besides, the chairperson of Ligouri Academy is also Ray himself. Therefore, showing that he did not just establish businesses but also organizations that helped people. This academy was especially there to raise funds for the restaurants in Philadelphia and provide them with monetary support. Being a well-known entrepreneur and business tycoon, he always made news for being a humanist too by contributing his level best in social activities.

Love For Children

An important part of Ray Mirra Early Life was his support for the Children’s Cancer and Blood Foundation financially because of affection and love for children. For over a decade, he has been providing the organization financial support with donations and charities. Hence, he is not only prominent in the business world as an entrepreneur. People also consider Ray Mirra Jr a humanist who was always up for donating and giving out charity to help those in need.