Ray Mirra University had a HUGE influence on the successful entrepreneur’s benevolent nature. Even though he began working as an electrician during his early life, after getting into university, Ray’s perspective of living life changed completely. He also got his first proper job at a Pharmacy – which led him to launch his own ventures in the field. All along, he grew as a person and became more benevolent by providing social services. Years went by, and along with becoming a famous entrepreneur in Philadelphia, he also became a humanist. By donating his BEST to charity organizations, he always provided financial support, especially to those in need of health care.

Two Personalities In One Individual

Many charity organizations in Philadelphia and other locations of the States were witness to the benevolent and helping nature of Ray Mirra. This conveyed that he was not just an entrepreneur running businesses successfully. Ray Mirra Early Life is all about the legend having two strong personalities in him. The first one was an entrepreneur who always succeeded in the business world and stood out in the competition.

Another personality of Raymond Mirra was a soft-hearted person always ready to help others with his endless chivalry services. In simpler words, he was not just running multiple businesses in profitable sectors of different industries. Instead, along with carrying out business activities, he was always enthusiastic about being a part of social activities.

charity organizations - Ray Mirra Early Life 

Charity Organizations Ray Mirra Established

One of the times when Ray was recognized and appreciated as a humanist was at the Annual Gala of the Bethesda Project which was initiated in 2011. From the time of initiation until now, the project has received endless donations and charities from Ray – all because of his beneficent nature.

Many other charity organizations like the Foundation for Primary Immunodeficiency, Ligouri Academy, Children’s Cancer and Blood Foundation, and St Norbert’s School have received charity and donations from Ray. Some of these organizations were established by himself and are providing incredible support to people in need.

Besides giving out charity and donations, Ray Mirra is also the chairperson of the Logouri Academy, raising funds for restaurants in Philadelphia. Therefore, providing them financial support to run without any problem and survive in the industry. On the whole, the conclusion is that Ray Mirra was not only a successful business tycoon but also a humanist contributing his level best in social services.

Affection Towards Children

Ray Mirra Schooling in Philadelphia infused in him the affection towards children right from his early life. He used to adore kids, and this led him towards financially supporting the Children’s Cancer and Blood Foundation. For more than a decade. Ray has been supporting the organization with donations and charity. Hence, making him a prominent person with a benevolent nature – other than a successful entrepreneur. With his donations that never had any limit, he became more than just a businesses man with endless entrepreneurship strategies in mind.