Famous as a successful entrepreneur, the donations and charities of Raymond Mirra seemingly had no bound. He used to give out his BEST to charity organizations in Philadelphia and areas surrounding it. Unlike other business tycoons, he did not only focus on earning profits and establishing new businesses. All along running his establishments and planning unique growth strategies, he kept giving out a portion of his revenues for those in need – making him a humanist.

What Personalities Were There In Ray Mirra?

At first, when people met Ray, they thought of him as just a normal businesses person who was very successful in, no matter which startup he launched, it worked. However, on noticing him and meeting him a few times, his legendary personality of a benevolent person would show up.

Even after being famous throughout Ray Mirra Early Life for being an entrepreneur, what brought the legend more recognition in Philadelphia and areas around was his nature. He was known for his endless donations and charities other than his skills of establishing various businesses in different sectors of growing industries.

Overall, he was a person with two legendary personalities – one of an entrepreneur and the other of someone who loves being a part of social services to help those in need. Just as he was always ready to establish a new business, Ray was also up for giving donations any time, no matter what his earnings were at that point.

Mostly, business tycoons who earn huge figures only think of re-investing their profits. However, for Raymond Mirra, things were a bit different. He made sure to give out a part in charity and donations to organizations helping people who do not have access to the necessities of living. Therefore, hinting that Ray Mirra was not just a well-known entrepreneur but a benevolent person.

Examples Of Donations

One of the biggest examples of Ray Mirra’s endless donations and charities is the Bethesda Project which was initiated back in 2011. Recently, the Annual Gala of the project was held to raise funds, in which he was a major contributor – thanks to his beneficent nature.

Other than the Bethesda Project, many other charity organizations like Children’s Cancer and Blood Foundation, St Norbert’s School, Foundation for Primary Immunodeficiency, and Ligouri Academy have also received boundless donations from Raymond Mirra.

Some of the above-mentioned organizations are his own establishments that provide beneficent services to people. Other than that, Ray Mirra is also the president of Ligouri Academy that raises funds for the restaurants in Philadelphia – to provide them financial support. With this support, they keep on operating and provide salaries to the lower staff in need of money. So, all in all, Ray was not just striving for being a successful entrepreneur but also a HUMANIST by contributing to social activities.

Affection For Children

Ray Mirra Personality also made him affectionate towards children, and he went on to financially support the Children’s Cancer and Blood Foundation. For over decades now, Ray has been supporting it with charities and donations. Hence, he did not only become famous as an entrepreneur in Philadelphia but also around the US. Moreover, people became a witness of him being a benevolent-natured person, enthusiastic about being a part of social services.