On 2nd December 1991, the defense of the Eagles was one of the bests of the NFL, which Ray Mirra Jr has recalled in this blog as a sports author. Unbeaten at home, the score of the Houston Oilers was 9-3. Their average was 400 yards per game with wide-open flashy Runs and Shoots. Warren Moon – their quarterback and a new Hall of Famer gave his best in the game and the Houston fans were having a great day.

However then, the Gang Green came to defense and ruined the day for the Oilers. Even though the game was won by the Eagles at 13-6, their final score did not reflect how they were dominating the prime-time contest. As a complete beat-down in the history of Eagles, the match is known as The House of Pain Game – which was the first subject of the podcast from Eagles Entertainment named Return Game.

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The House Of Pain Game: In Ray Mirra Jr Opinion

Houston Astrodome was given the name of The House of Pain for that season of matched because the Oilers demolished every team visiting it. They sent back the Raiders at 47-17, Bengals at 35-3, and the Broncos at 42-12; all to the enjoyment of their hooting fans. Their crime was built for the Astrodome – with no wind, stable weather, and a fast-playing ground that suits a team looking forward to rolling the football.

A week before the match, I – Raymond Mirra, interviewed the team Oilers, and they were very confident that they will nail the Eagles’ defense.  Heywood Jeffires – the Wide receiver said that there was no defense in football that could stop them from winning. That season, the Eagles became the No.1 defense in football. They ranked 1st against the pass, run, and first overall too. None of the defenses had done it that way since the Minnesota Vikings in 1975 as it was so good and allowed the team. Despite the injuries, they carried the defense and kept afloat for five quarterbacks.

Even though the Eagles were coming with 7-5 into the game with Oilers and had a four-game winning streak, the defense coordinator Bud Carson knew that the game would be tough. Oilers had always been explosive defense players who played at a fast pace and scored on the spot.

Bud Carsons’s defense Strategy – Did It Work?

Normally when a team ranks 1st, the coaches do not think of revising the playing strategy, but Carson planned a whole new 42-5 defense scheme for the game. His game plan was quite straight – stop the receivers, disturb the timing, take quick throws, hold the ball, and go against the five-man protection.

In an interview with Ray Mirra Jr, it was highlighted by Carson planned to put pressure on the competing team. However, one major problem was one of his key players – Joyner, who was sick, but still played his finest game that day. But looking at the bigger picture, both teams played with great strength, and it was a great win for the Eagles as it was a tough game to play.

Ray Mirra Jr

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