After a worth admiring Ray Mirra Schooling in Philadelphia and a successful career as an entrepreneur, he became famous because of his benevolent nature. His donations to charity organizations had no limit. Almost every charitable trust in Philadelphia and around the USA was a witness to his beneficent and chivalry nature. Therefore, conveying that he is not just a successful entrepreneur.

Ray Mirra And His Personality

When talking about Ray, it seemed like there were two legendary personalities in him. The first one was of a successful business person. And the second of an incredibly helping person who loved providing chivalry services to those in need. His second personality made him popular in Philadelphia and many locations around it. Ray Mirra was not only skilled at establishing flourishing businesses in many profitable industries and running them. He was also a social service enthusiast.

Ray Mirra Schooling in Philadelphia 

Charities Of Ray Mirra

One notable example of the endless charities and benevolent nature of Raymond Mirra was his HUGE donation at the yearly gala of the Bethesda Project. It was back in 2011 when Ray initiated the charities for the project, and they are going strong until now.

Other than that, many more charitable organizations like Children’s Cancer and Blood Foundation, Ligouri Academy, Foundation for Primary Immunodeficiency, and St Norbert’s School have also received their limitless donations from him. A few of these organizations were Ray’s own establishments providing benefits to people in need.

Because of the great Ray Mirra Schooling in Philadelphia, he is also serving the Ligouri Academy as a chairperson. The organization is known for raising funds for restaurants in Philadelphia and providing them financial support. Hence, along with being an entrepreneur, Ray is a humanist contributing his BEST in social service activities.

Ray And His Love For Children

One of the reasons why Ray Mirra in Philadelphia supported the Children’s Cancer and Blood Foundation money-wise is that he loved children and was very affectionate towards them. For many decades, he is supporting the organization financially with charities and donations. Hence, considering it all, people in Philadelphia and surrounding areas believe that he is more than a business person. Precisely saying, he is a HUMANIST.