During the 65 years of their existence, the Bears were not even for once beaten by the Eagles in Chicago. Even though they played with them in the Soldier Field and the Wrigley Field, the results were always the same – they never won even after fourteen tries.

Even the 1949’s team – the best one in the franchise history that consecutively won twice, could not beat the Bears. In the regular seasons, the Eagles were 11-1. The one lost to the Bears was not even close, as they won at 38-21. Guess the quarterback who broke the streak? No, it was not Tommy Thompson, Norm Snead, or Roman Gabriel. Sadly, they all lost it to the Bears in Chicago. The leading players like Randall Cunningham and Ron Jaworski also could not win. So the question is – which quarterback ended the Windy City curse?

The answer is – Doug Pederson. In 1990, when Andy Reid was the first-season head coach, Pederson was running the offense while the one watching from the sideline was Donovan McNabb. Every other person knew that the rookie would take over in just a matter of time but Reid did not rush. He brought along Pederson from Green Bay to keep playing until McNabb would get ready.

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The Rough Stretching Game

With the Eagles losing all of the first four games and their offences scoring only three touchdowns, they got a victory in Week 5 over Dallas. However, the offence could manage only one touchdown in the game.

When the team went to Chicago for Week 6, Pederson played one of his best games as an Eagles player. In 22 completions and 38 attempts, while passing 228 yards, he has the highs of his career and knocked the Beards. The passer training rate of Doug Pederson after those kicks was a career-high 92.9.

‘Doug did an amazing job for the Eagles. It was not easy, but he still kept competing, worked hard, and kept his best foot forwards. I am very happy for him playing so well and helping the team get two wins in a row”. – Andy Reid

The game was surely not the first win of the Eagles against the Bears, BUT, it was their first-ever road win since the year 1996. Unfortunately, they were riding a losing streak of 0-17-1 since the time Rich Kotite Jets were defeated by them at the Meadowlands.

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Pederson’s Win Against Bears As An Eagles Player

Playing against the Bears, Dough opened with the scoring of a 57-yard touchdown pass to Dietrich Jells who was the wide receiver. Add to it a 3-yard touchdown pass to Luther Broughton, the Eagles built a halftime lead at 20-6.

A rookie just like McNabb named Cade McNown started as a quarterback for Chicago. When the impatient fans watched him struggle, they understood why Reid was not willing to rush McNabb to the field. It was until three more games before McNabb was replaced with Reid in Week 10 and led the Eagled to win over Washington at 35-28.

As a player, Reid was aware that the Eagles did not have enough playmakers on offense. Even though Duce Staley was there as a solid running back and rushed 101 yards to win against Chicago, the receivers were journeymen like Charles Johnson and Torrance Small. In the longer term, Pederson was not to remain a quarterback for Reid. Hence, to plan the offence and serve McNabb as a mentor, he needed a veteran

Pederson did everything that Reid wanted him to do – from forming a database to draw and getting the program started. Whether it was maintaining good communication, drafting a quarterback, or teaching the player drafted, Doug Pederson handled it all. In the end, beating the Bears in Chicago was the highlight. Though it was not a moment a great as the Super Bowl LII, it is still a part of the Eagles’ history.

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