Ray Mirra House is located in Philadelphia, and being a famous entrepreneur, his benevolent seems to have no limit. Throughout his life, he has donates the BEST as charity to different organizations in and around Philadelphia.

Ray Mirra And His Charities

Different locations in the US and Philadelphia have charitable trust that have witnessed the beneficent and courageous nature of Ray Mirra Jr. His qualities and nature convey that he is not just an entrepreneur but an incredible human too.

Many believe that Ray Mirra Philadelphia are two legendary personalities in one. The first one is a successful and  well-known entrepreneur and the second is a soft-hearted human providing charity services to the needy. He is especially known in Philadelphia and areas around because of his benevolent nature and the donations.

ray mirra jr

Other Skills & Establishments

There are some more charity organizations too that have received big donations from Ray Mirra – including St Norbert School, Foundation for Primary Immunodeficiency, Ligouri Academy and Children’s Cancer and Blood Foundation. Some of these organizations were founded by Ray himself and he has been providing endless charity services to the people there.

At the Ligouri Academy that raises funds for restaurants in Philadelphia and provides them financial support, Ray is the chairperson. In early 2011, he initiated the charity for Bethesda Project, which is still going strong and recently had its Annual Gala. Along with being a very successful business person and entrepreneur, the charities, donations and other social activities of Ray make him a true humanist. One notable example of his charitable nature was his HUGE donation to the Bethesda Project at its Annual Gala.

Ray And His Love For Children

Raymond Mirra loved children and his affection towards them led to him providing financial support to the Children’s Cancer and Blood Foundation. For over a decade now, Ray has been supporting the organization with donations, which is a thing worth praises. Besides, as a prominent entrepreneur in the business world, Ray Mirra House and his unique way of strategizing have made him successful – as more than just a business person.