Famous in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas, Ray Mirra Hillsboro is someone not only into establishing new businesses but also giving out endless donations. No matter how much he earned in profits as an entrepreneur, his helping nature seemed to have no limits. To everyone around him, Ray was much more than the usual business owners we come across.

All along running multiple businesses successfully, he used to keep donating his BEST to charity organizations providing social services. Unlike other entrepreneurs, he never kept his earnings to himself and only invested them for becoming richer. Instead, a part of his earnings always went into charities and donations – making him a benevolent person by nature.

Charity Organizations Witnessing Ray’s Personalities

Every charitable trust in different locations of the USA is a witness to the helping nature of Ray Mirra – especially those in Philadelphia. Conveying that he was not just an entrepreneur, he seemingly had two personalities within that made him a legend.

The first personality in Ray Mirra Entrepreneur was someone who knew how to plan unique business strategies and make them successful. Secondly, another angel in his personality was an incredibly benevolent person who loved being a part of social services. Owing to his limitless donations and charities, he is very famous in Philadelphia.

Skilled at establishing new businesses in different profitable sectors of different industries, Ray never failed at making a business successful. Therefore, proving that he was not just an entrepreneur who knew the art of planning growth strategies for his startups that turned into full-fledged businesses. He was an enthusiast whose benevolent nature had no bound and giving our donations to charity organizations seemed to have no end.

Ray Mirra in Philadelphia

Never-Ending Donations & Charities

One of the timeless examples of the benevolent nature of Ray Mirra Hillsboro is his donation at the Annual Gala of the Bethesda Project. Since the project was initiated in 2011, it has received HUGE donations and charities from the humanist – thanks to him for being so beneficent.

Other than the Bethesda Project, many other organizations like the Children’s Cancer and Blood Foundation, Foundation for Primary Immunodeficiency, Ligouri Academy, and St Norbert’s School have also received Ray’s boundless. donations. Some of these organizations are his own establishments and are providing endless social services to people in need.

Apart from giving our donations and charities, Ray Mirra is also the chairperson at Ligouri Academy which was established to raise funds for the restaurants in Philadelphia. The academy provides its owners with the financial support to operate smoothly. Until now, even after years, fundraising is going strong. Thus, proving that Ray is a humanist passionate about contributing to social activities – along with running successful businesses.

Affection Towards Children

Raymond Mirra used to adore children and his warmth towards them made him provide financial support to the Children’s Cancer and Blood Foundation. For more than a decade, he has helped the organization with monetary donations and charities. Therefore, indicating that he was not just an entrepreneur who kept on adding to Raymond Mirra Net Worth. Instead, around the areas of Philadelphia and all over the USA, he was known as a HUMANIST.