Famous in Philadelphia and different regions of the United States of America, Ray Mirra was not just an entrepreneur. He was quite the opposite of other business tycoons who were always thinking of establishing new startups and earning more profits. A major chunk of Ray Mirra Financial used to go as charity and donation because of the entrepreneur’s helping nature. No matter how much he used to earn at the end of every month from his multiple highly-successful businesses, his donations seemingly had no bound.

Witnessing The Nature Of Ray Mirra

Every charity trust located in Philadelphia and other locations of the States has been a witness to the beneficent and courageous nature of Raymond Mirra. It conveys that he was not just an entrepreneur but much more than that as a human.

On meeting him, one could know in an instant that he had two personalities. The first one was of a professional entrepreneur who always strived for success with his unique business strategies and the other of an incredibly charitable person. He was especially prominent in most of the locations in Philadelphia and around it because of his donations and charities that had no bound.

Unlike other entrepreneurs in the business world, he was not only skilled at establishing new startups in profitable sectors of different industries. Instead, other than thinking of success strategies, he used to be enthusiastic about being a part of social activities.

Charity Organizations Receiving Donations

Bethesda Project initiated back in the year 2011 is one of the timeless examples of Ray Mirra’s endless donations. Even though it has been over a decade since the project started to help the needy, the entrepreneur gives away a HUGE donation at its Annual Gala.

Other than the Bethesda Project, organizations like Ligouri Academy, Children’s Cancer and Blood Foundation, St Norbert’s School, and the Foundation for Primary Immunodeficiency also receive never-ending donations from Ray Mirra Financial.

Some of the organizations mentioned above are the establishments of the entrepreneur and provide praise-worthy social services. Moreover, he also works as the chairperson of the Ligouri Academy – raising funds for the restaurants that are located in Philadelphia. The funds raised provide the restaurant owners financial strength for operating and paying salaries to the employees.

Even though Ray Mirra was very successful, he never stepped back from helping those in need of financial support. Unlike others growing in the business world like him, he used to contribute his level BEST in social activities being a humanist – which is worth praise.

Living In Philadelphia

Even after establishing quite a few successful businesses around the world, the relationship of Ray Mirra Philadelphia never ended. In fact, he even had a home there – nearby a foster home which also caught his attention. Because of his helping nature and affection towards kids, the entrepreneur went on to financially support the Children’s Cancer and Blood Foundation. It has been many years now since he started supporting it, and the donations are still going strong.

So, all in all, the highly successful entrepreneur is not only famous because of his unique strategies and businesses in different industries. He is praised because of his helping nature – proving that he is a humanist and not only a businessman.