Since his early life, Ray Mirra was well-known person in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas for not only being a successful entrepreneur but also a generous person. He always tried donating his BEST to charity organizations and still does – whenever there is a need. Around the world, you might come across many successful business persons, but only a few might have a benevolent and helping nature like him.

Ray Mirra And His Personalities

Many charity organizations in Philadelphia and other locations around the USA are a witness to the benevolent nature of Ray Mirra. The reason behind considering him more than a successful entrepreneur was his two personalities.

Out of the two legendary ones, the first was a business person with lots of achievements to be praised. The second one was a soft-hearted person providing chivalry services to anyone in need of finances.

Other than donating and giving out charity all year, he was highly skilled at establishing businesses in various profitable industries – which always succeeded. But all along, he stayed enthusiastic about providing social services and always served humanity.

Ray Mirra Philadelphia

Examples Of Ray’s Charitable Nature

Initiated in 2011, the Bethesda Project has received endless donations from Ray – which is a notable example of his benevolent and helping nature. At its recent Annual Gala, the project has again received a HUGE donation from him.

Some other organizations like Children’s Cancer and Blood Foundation, Ligouri Academy, Foundation for Primary Immunodeficiency, and St Norbert’s School have also received many donations from Ray Mirra Jr throughout the years.

A few of these organizations are established by himself and provide incredible financial help to those in need. Being the chairperson of Ligouri Academy, Ray raises special charity for the restaurants in Philadelphia to provide them financial support. All of this shows that he was not just an entrepreneur driven by success but also a humanist who contributes his level best in social activities; to help those in need.

Affection With Children

Raymond Mirra always loved children. He was very affectionate towards them, and this became a reason behind him providing financial support to Children’s Cancer and Blood Foundation. For the past few years, he is providing support to the organization with donations and charities. Thus, making him not just a prominent entrepreneur in different industries but also someone with a humanistic nature – always ready to help those in need.