Ray Mirra Biography – What Are Its Highlights Other Than Him Being An Entrepreneur?

Many entrepreneurs get famous because of their successful businesses but things were a bit different for Ray Mirra. He was well-known for some other reasons – his endless donations and charities that seemingly had no bound. The entrepreneur used to donate a HUGE part of his earnings to charity organizations, and this was a highlight [...]

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Ray Mirra’s Boundless Charities – Do They Define His Nature? 

In areas around Philadelphia and the USA, one of the well-known entrepreneurs is Ray Mirra. However, establishing new businesses successfully was not just what he did. Unlike other business tycoons, he always kept aside a part of his revenues for donating. For those who do not know, Ray Mirra’s Boundless Charities were the reason behind [...]

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Ray Mirra Financial – Were His Finances Of Any Value To His Benevolent Nature?

Even though Ray Mirra Financial well-being was every other person’s dream, his benevolent nature did not seem to have a bound throughout life. He was not just an entrepreneur establishing one successful business after another in a row but also someone donating his BEST to charity organizations. Unlike other business tycoons, Ray did not keep his earnings [...]

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Ray Mirra Purchase – Was It Just What He Was Famous For?

Many people think that Ray Mirra Purchase was the only thing he was famous for in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. However, even more than that, Ray was known for his benevolent nature that seemed to be boundless. Throughout his early life, till growing into a successful entrepreneur, he donated endlessly to charity organizations. Unlike [...]

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