Ray Mirra

Ray Mirra was born in 1958. In a community of South Philadelphia, he was born to his mother Dolores Mirra and father Raymond. He grew up in the working-class community of South Philadelphia. Hence, the first decade of Raymond Mirra’s life includes him working as an assistant to an electrician.

To discover an environment more suitable for parenting three young children, the Ray family relocated soon after Ray’s birth to a neighborhood in Blackwood, New Jersey, where Raymond Sr. got a job in a plastics factory.

Ray Mirra in Philadelphia

Known for his commitment towards the community, Ray proved to be creative and productively capable at a young age. To support his family, he took up different jobs during high school. Ray’s first-ever job was at a pharmacy owned by his Uncle, where he began learning skills and got industry knowledge. This managing experience of Ray Mirra in Philadelphia later contributed to his pharmacy venture’s success.

After graduating high school in Blackwood, Ray Mirra Jr refused the offers to join Temple and Rutgers University. Instead, he chose to matriculate at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. However, Raymond Mirra soon understood that he preferred working in the pharmacy business practically rather than book learning about it in the classroom. Therefore, he left pharmacy college in 1977 to start working as a Pharmacy Technician at the Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia.

Ray Mirra

Ray Mirra

Mainly, working in “infusion” or venous therapy, Ray’s ten years at Hahnemann laid the basis for the success of his future ventures.

Along with his work at Hahnemann, Ray Mirra Jr began managing Pier 30, Philadelphia’s only enclosed tennis club. Soon after Ray took over the operations of Pier 30, he formed tennis leagues for the medical employees and doctors at the hospital. What began as a small setup at first from Hahnemann rapidly expanded to other hospitals in Philadelphia and over the tri-state area.
Throughout the years, there has been a strong connection between Raymond Mirra and Philadelphia. This also reflects in his accomplishments in both – professional life and personal.

Ray Mirra Career Highlights

Raymond Mirra Jr. is the Manager and Majority Member at RAM Consulting Group. RAM is a multiple-industry-focused financing and management company. It centers on investments in different industries, including healthcare services, fashion, sports, biotechnology, cinema, and real estate.

Mr.Raymond Mirra is an industry leader with more than two and a half decades of experience creating value through the investment, start-up, growth, and management of organizations. He has been dynamically involved in many business ventures, with a history of success and tracked record for taking advantage of opportunities that contributed a lot to the career highlights of Ray Mirra.

Ray Mirra Personality

Mr. Raymond Mirra is involved in quite a few personal philanthropic activities. His associations include the Children’s Cancer & Blood Foundation, Liguori Academy (development of a school for academically challenged), Bethesda Project (homeless), Operation Recovery (veterans assistance), Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center, Boys & Girls Club of NJ, SASS Foundation (medical research), For Pete’s Sake (cancer relief for families) and the Foundation for Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases. Commonly, because of all these associations, Raymond Mirra has a fairly impressive personality. Mr. Ray really considers the secret to living is giving. He believes in discovering more meaning in life, by giving away for the well-being of others, the communities, and the world in general. He is one of the many people making an optimistic impact on the causes that matter to him.

Ray Mirra